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The fifth major installment in Capcom’s genre-defining survival-horror franchise, Resident Evil 5, is now available to download on Google Play exclusively for SHIELD Android TV.

Featuring a new emphasis on action over pure horror and stunningly detailed visuals, Resident Evil 5 boasts a bold new storyline and terrifying new plague-carrying enemy to face.

Engine is used to port Resident Evil 5 on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

Here are four things you may not know about Resident Evil 5.

Practically synonymous with zombies, Resident Evil hasn’t actually had any since 2000’s Code Veronica.

Resident Evil 5 Now Playable On The Nvidia Shield - Kotaku

The next virus, the Plaga, was worse – it turns living people into murderous, super-strong puppets of an evil master.

Now the Type 2 Plaga has turned the West African town of Kijuju into 'Majinis' – crazed mutants who lurk in shadows and kill in mobs.

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